Page builders

Michelle theme works with any page builder, it does not limit you in any way. Furthermore it also works with theme builder plugins!

Make sure to check out the theme documentation for description of how to use any page builder plugin with the theme.

How to use a page builder

You can use whatever page builder plugin you like with Michelle. As every page builder works differently, you need to adapt your page or post layout before enabling the page builder on the page and building its content with the page builder.

Certain most popular page builders will even be recognized by the theme automatically and you basically don’t have to do anything (test if your page builder is recognized by enabling it on a page and checking if the layout is not boxed or padded). With others you need to use a dedicated “Page builder” template that will adapt the layout for use with your page builder.

Here is how to enable the page builder template for a page or post before editing its content with your page builder:

  1. In the upper right corner click the “Settings” icon.
    Settings icon in block editor
  2. Click the “Page” (or “Post”, respectively) tab.
  3. Click the “Page Attributes” (or “Post Attributes”, respectively) section to open it.
  4. From “Template” dropdown list select your desired page builder template you want to use for the post or page.
    (Please note that the “Page builder” template has to be enabled in theme options first if you don’t see any such template in the dropdown list.)
  5. Save the post/page and start (or continue) editing your page content with your page builder plugin.
Choosing a page builder template for the post or page