Set up featured posts

The first section with 3 prominent posts you see on the blog page, is featured posts section. Theme will display these for you.

This theme contains a built in featured posts functionality. Once you assign posts to your featured post tag, 3 most recent featured posts will be displayed above posts list on your blog page.

Michelle theme's featured posts section
Preview of featured posts section

How to set up featured posts

  1. In your WordPress admin navigate to Posts → Tags and create a new tag. Let’s call it “Featured posts”, for example.
  2. On the same screen, copy the tag’s slug (which in our case should be featured-posts).
  3. Navigate to Posts and use quick edit or bulk edit to assign some of your posts to our new “Featured posts” tag.
  4. Now navigate to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Posts and set options under “Featured Posts” section. Especially set the “Featured posts tag slug” option to our slug we’ve copied in the step 2 above.
  5. Save settings and close customizer.
  6. Go to the blog page of your website to check the results: there should be 3 most recent posts you’ve assigned to “Featured posts” tag displayed prominently as the first thing after the blog page title, before the list of other posts.

Video Tutorial

These instructions are conveniently available also as a short, but to the point, video tutorial.